Five Lessons for Voters

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Five Lessons for Voters

Post by seeker » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:21 am ... 111121.pdf

While reading this article about 5 career lessons, I thought about elections and politics.

1. Chase your passion and the money will come
Does the way voters interact with candidates or representatives influence the type of people attracted to politics?

2. Teach people how to treat you
Regardless of who you think is in charge (voters, representatives, or ?), the article says, "They will behave how you allow them to behave".

3. Don’t be afraid to take initiative
The article says, "Don’t be afraid to step outside the lines". Where are the "lines" in interactions between voters and candidates?

4. Don’t hold on to a job or career you hate
How do voters hold on to candidates or representatives?

5. Play nice

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