Guidelines for using this forum

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Guidelines for using this forum

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If you have trouble reading the security image during registration, try the "Refresh confirmation code" option.

We try to behave as we want our candidates and elected representatives to behave. For further guidelines read the website's "Election Reform" and Methods pages.

Especially important are:

1.Speakers seek to express themselves in a way that is understood by the listeners.

2.Listeners will assume that the speaker knows something the listener doesn’t. If
something doesn’t immediately make sense to the listener, the listener will ask
questions and offer the speaker an opportunity to clarify the subject.

3.Speakers will assume that questioners know something the speaker doesn’t.
Speakers will accept questions as an opportunity to re-evaluate and clarify a position
both for the questioner and for the speaker.

If you want to stay current, there are "Subscribe forum" and "Subscribe topic" links in each forum and topic heading. By subscribing, you'll get an email for each update.

One of the webmaster's tasks is keeping topics easy to find and follow. As this is an evolving forum, topics and individual postings may be moved, split or otherwise reorganized.
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