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Updated Mar 30th, 2018

Ranked Voting Endorsements

AB 1121 was endorsed by the City of Ft. Bragg and the City of Ukiah
Instant Runoff voting is supported by the California League of Women Voters

Ranked Voting

Californians for Electoral Reform - Promoting Voting Methods for Equal Representation
California IRV Coalition - Working to Implement IRV Statewide
DemoChoice Polls - Web Polls where the Voters Win
FairVote - Fair Representation and Meaningful Choices
InstantRunoffCA - Yahoo Information and Discussion Group
Instant Runoff Voting - Spoiler-Free Elections with Several Candidates
Marin Ranked Voting - Marin Ranked Voting
OpenSTV - Free Instant Runoff Voting Software

Political Humor

Capitol Steps - We put the 'MOCK' in Democracy
Political Prevaricator Test - Are You a Potential Political Prevaricator?

Election Reforms

Ballot Integrity Project - Voting Systems
California Crackup - How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix it
Campaign Reform Information Center - A Variety of Viewpoints
Fair Elections - Stop the hype, distortions and misinformation
Fair Elections - Campaign Finance Reform
Move to Amend - Deprive Corporations of Constitutional Rights
National Popular Vote - Elect the President by Popular Vote
Open Debates - Reforming Presidential Debates
Open Voting Consortium - Improving Electronic Voting Machines
Public Campaign - Clean Money, Clean Elections
Small Planet Institute - A Resource for Hope and Action
Project Vote Smart - Elections, Candidates and Voting

Politics and Elections

3rd Party Central - Your Ideal Political Reality
Ace Project - Administration and Cost of Elections
Common Cause - Holding Power Accountable
Junior State of America - High School Political Awareness Programs
League of Women Voters - Nonpartisan Citizen Education and Advocacy

Mendocino County

County of Mendocino - Internet Resources
League of Women Voters of Mendocino - Make Democracy Work
Mendocino Coast Transition Towns - Awareness and citizen action
Mendocino Solidarity - Bringing people together
Occupy Ukiah - Events and discussion
Occupy Your Mind - Occupy the places that matter most
Progressive Greens on Facebook - Awareness and citizen action
Single Payer Health Care in California - Local Support for SB810
Ukiah Aware - Raising social and cultural awareness
Willits Economic Localization - Creating a sustainable economy


California Forward - Fundamental Change for California
California Progress Report - Politics, Policy and Progressive Action
California Elections Code
California Voter Foundation - Technology and Democracy
State of California - California Portal
Voices of Reform Project - Promoting Responsive, Representantive State Government

Government Offices

Find Government Offices in your County - A database of county government offices in the United States